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Ailyn Siftman
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Ailyn Siftman is a young woman living in Tastyville. She is a graduate of Mint Barvard University, currently having no jobs and living in a mansion. She is sweet and loves to be a girl. As a result, she can be a bit flirty at times. 

She loves Cotton Puffs sold in Griller stadium, and all other shops. She believes it's her medicine to her everyday life, which is rather foolish, but believes in it anyway.


Ailyn wears a cyan sweater, decorated with several pink hearts around her waist area. She also wears a dark blue skirt, blue shoes with pink laces. Her blue hair is somehow slightly messed on the ends, and she is equipped with pink eyeshadow. She owns a pink heart headband, but was discarded on the latter concept.


Ailyn was born on February 15, according to her birth certificates and legal papers.

She was adopted by a rich couple in Tastyville, after finding her in front of their doors as a baby. She was tucked in a basket, donned with a lot of ribbons, suggesting her real parents were also rich. As a young child, Ailyn would watch a lot of baseball games on TV and in real life, and that resulted into her instant discovery of Cotton Puffs. She eats it every afternoon, while watching her favorite shows.

She was almost kidnapped the time she learned she was adopted, but she defended herself with Cotton Puff energy, a made-up term she used when she felt she had a lot of energy on her. Currently she has no job, staying at home and enjoying Cotton Puffs.

She has an older sister, Havrina, but they didn't know each other because they went to different families.


  • "Yes! You guessed it, Cotton Puffs really is my medicine!"
  • "I am really unusual, right?"
  • "YES! Cotton Puff energy for you! HIYA!"
  • "I don't know what you're talking about. Is that... a lie?"


  • Ailyn's name comes from the word "air", which references to how Ailyn strolls around Tastyville.
  • Only goes to Griller Stadium to eat Cotton Puffs, because she believes it's much cheaper on the stadium than at groceries.


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