Alexandra Rose Jessi have 14 years.she have a sister lara and the brother luck.she have no a father.she working in papa's pastaria.

1.flipdeck info
Flipdeck alexandrei


2.1 papa's pizzeria

2.2 papa's burgeria

2.3 papa's taco mia

2.4 papa's frezeeria

2.5 papa's pancakeria
Alexandra (2)

2.6 papa's burgeria HD

2.7 papa's burgeria to go!

2.8 papa's wingeria

2.9 papa's hot doggeria

2.10 papa's cupcakeria

2.11 papa's frezeeria HD

2.12 papa's pastaria

Pizza alexandrei

alexandra's pizaa


papa's pizzeria

☻6 pepperonies (left)

☻4 peppers (right)

papa's burgeria:


☻medium petty
Burgerul alexnadrei 2

alexandra's burger





papa's taco mia

Tacoul alexandrei

alexandra's taco


☻mild sauce




☻chesse sauce

papa's frezeeria

☻yum & m's

☻straberry siroup

☻regular blend

☻whipped cream

☻Butterscotch Syrup

Tropical Charms


papa's pancakeria

☻pancake witch cocholate

☻pancake witch cocholate

☻pancake witch chocolate



☻2 x straberrys

☻4 x bananas

drink:Large milk with Cocoa

papa's burgeria HD


☻medium petty





☻top bun

papa's burgeria to go!


☻medium petty






papa's wingeria

☻2 wing+calypso sauce (left)

☻4 chesse cubes (left)

☻2 boneless+garlig (right)

☻4 frys (right)

papa's hot doggeria

☻Hot Dog

☻Regular Bun






papa's cupcakeria

☻zebra cake

cupcake 1:straberry cream

straberry siroup

Lollipop Bits

3 cherrys

cupcake 2:cocholate cream

cocholate siroup

cremeo bits

nutty butter cups

papa's freezeria HD

☻yum & m's

☻Rainbow Sherbet Syrup

☻regular blend
Milshaikul alexandrei

alexandra's cooktail in papa's frezeeria HD

☻whipped cream

☻Butterscotch Syrup

☻tropical charms


☻Hazelnut Swizzle, Waffle Cone Wedge, Hazelnut Swizzle

papa's pastaria


☻3 sauce

Parmesan Cheese

☻3 tomatoes

☻3 peppers

☻1 chicken

bread:Poppyseed Roll


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