"The darkness of one's soul, should never dare to come inside of you, because if you remain enthusiastic, you'll never be down to their level"

-Angel Allison Fernando

Angel Allison Fernando is a resident of Calypso Island. She is one of the A Triplets along with Angelina, and Angelicca (Coming soon by XxBlazingDragonxX) She is a level 6 swimmer and is a proffesional baker, well in her dreams anyways. She dreams of being a baker and going on the show Cooking with ?, starring ?. By her look it's obvious that her favourite holiday is Summer Luau. Her favourite colour is yellow and many of her orders consists yellow.


Angel grew up in a family of 8 with 2 others sisters,3 brothers, and a mom and dad. Her birthday is at exactly 6:30 pm on July 1st. She takes many classes at Mint Barvard University but usually fails majority of them. She does this because since she is the youngest of the Fernando family, she wants to show what she can do. Her sisters never gave her a chance to show what she could do, but her sisters laugh at her after every class she takes, or as they like do say. every class she fails. Angel's sisters never noticed her optimistic personality but she always uses her own quote as an example.


Papa's Freezeria

  • Medium Cup
  • Pineapple
  • Banana Syrup
  • Chunky Blend
  • Regular Whipped Cream
  • Butterscotch Syrup
  • Banana

Papa's Pancakeria

  • Pecan Waffle
  • Pecan Waffle
  • Banana (Left)
  • Butter (Middle)
  • Banana (Right)
  • Honey
  • Orange Juice with Sugar

Papa's Wingeria

  • 4 Medium Strips
  • 4 Garlic Wings
  • 2x French Fries
  • 2x Cheese Cubes
  • Mango Chilli Dip

Papa's Hot Doggeria

  • Pretzel Bun
  • Cheddarwurst
  • Pineapple Relish
  • Cheese
  • Mustard
  • Large Lemon Mist
  • Large Buttered Popcorn

Papa's Cupcakeria

Cupcake 1

  • Liner C
  • Lemon Cake
  • Sunglow Frosting
  • Cloudberry

Cupcake 2

  • Liner C
  • Lemon Cake
  • Sunglow Frosting
  • Cloudberry

Papa's Pastaria

  • Ravioli
  • Three Cheese Sauce
  • Grated Mozarella
  • Foccacia Bread

Classes Failed

Spy - Wore to many flashy colours and refused to wear black

Survival - Afraid of Bugs

Driving - Spray painted all cars to blue and yellow (Luckily she wasn't suspended, but had to wash the cars)

Inventing - Made a fire come from nowhere

Law - Was afraid of judges (Thought they were to rude)

Romance - Had a boyfriend at the first class and refused to kiss any other boy

Teaching - Yelled at Students

Music - Broke ALL instruments

Classes Passed





Martial Arts


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