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Arcane Flintgear







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Arcane Flintgear is a world-famous woman racer who resides in Starlight City. She had battled every racer in the world, from starters to veterans. From the looks of it, she looks simple enough, but she's tough on the inside. Arcane is really determined to win at every race, except for maybe, a few people who had defeated her already.

She plans on challenging another racer again, Velocitia, after losing before her. She also plans on challenging Wisteria and Meredith, too.


Arcane wears a blue shirt, with white stripes and red classy sleeves. Also, she has white sleeves hanging below the classy sleeves. She also wears a white ribbon, red pants and blue shoes. She also sports straight, purple hair going down to her shoulders, and back.


Arcane was born on May 12, two years before Aron was born.

Her childhood hero was a racer, which she had imitated only a few years later. When she was eighteen years old, she started learning how to drive a car, and voila! Three years later, she became an expert driver, and started her first race, with her opponent being a expert racer. She luckily won, by using a strategic skill which drove her opponent out of the tracks. Soon after then, the trophies she had gotten had their own room. That was not the end of it.

Her first lost race was her final match with Velocitia Murcielago.


  • "Why... why have I lost? *sob*"
  • "I will be defeating you guys in just one hit on the road!"
  • "Are you saying you're a coward who doesn't want to know his pride at racing?"
  • "I vow to defeat you again, Velocitia! Someday!"


  • She doesn't get along well with Aron Flintgear, her younger brother.
  • Likes the color purple, because she thinks it's a perfect color for challenges.
  • She is a bit lazy.


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