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Aron Flintgear
Current look.





Status as Customer


Aron Flintgear is a normal resident of Snowlands, specializing in sports and other stuff related to it. He owns a small shop called "Aron's Sportland" where you can buy different sportswear and sport stuff. He also serves as a sports trainer, having recruited real often for school trainings around Flipverse.

He was once a encoder in a computer company, but resigned because his eyes got damaged. 


Aron has somewhat slightly messy black hair, an orange shirt, black pants, and orange shoes with black soles. He had also owned an orange hat and white whistle, but was discarded in the latter concept. He also wears orange-rimmed glasses to see well.


Aron was born two years later after the birth of her sister Arcane, at September 28.

He had studied a lot of courses in Mint Barvard University, graduated with honors and went employed in a computer company where he worked as encoder of files. After three years of hard work, his eyes got damaged, his vision becoming blurry and hazed. So he resigned from his job and moved to Snowlands, where he had found a good residence and a chance to find a new job. He had built Aron's Sportland and got recruited as sports trainers in some schools around Flipverse.

He and his sister had not seen each other for a while. Maybe it's their jobs or something else...


  • "Speed and power, work up that butter!"
  • "One, two, three four, one, two, three- what the HELL was that?"
  • "You see, this eyes were much more sensitive than what I expected."


  • He had a Pokemon counterpart of the same name and traits. He specializes on orange and electric Pokemon a lot. Pulp Badge is acquired when you defeat him.
  • Has not changed his glasses for a while.
  • Is a good artist.


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