Austin is a customer who debuted in Papa Louie: WPA. He likes to play soccer and is the twin brother of Amy. He is 17 years old. His favorite holiday is St.Patty's Day.


  • Pizzeria: 6 pepperonis everywhere, cooked for 4/5, cut in 8 pieces.
  • Burgeria: bun, well-done patty, onion, pickle, chees, BBQ sauce, bun.
  • Taco Mia: hard, steak, hot sauce, lettuce, pinto beans, nacho cheese.
  • Freezeria: medium cup, chocolate syrup, nutty butter cups, chunky blend, whipped cream, chocolate syrup, 3 creameos.
  • Pancakeria: 3 pancakes with chocolate chip mix, whipped cream, maple syrup. Large Milk with Cocoa.
  • Wingeria: 4 teriyaki chicken strips, 4 BBQ chicken wings, mango chili dip.
  • Hot Doggeria: pumpernickel roll, italian sausage, ketchup, cheese, salsa, marinara sauce, Papa's ballpark mustard. Medium Hyper Green and Medium Chocolate Popcorn.
  • Cupcakeria (Cupcake 1): liner D, red velvet, green frosting, pistachio drizzle, 3 shamrocks.
  • Cupcakeria (Cupcake 2): liner D, red velvet, forest green frosting, chocolate syrup, 3 chocolate coins.
    Austin Anderson

    Austin from his debut

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