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Aya Witherwood


The First Cortonith


Alive, but not found


Julia Witherwood (Daughter)

Aya Witherwood is Julia's mother.

Main Details

She was considered as one of the most mysterious people. Aya never appeared at any Gameria. She is currently 50, and Aya's birthday is same as Julia's but not the year.


Her favorite is anything red and purple, and obviously blood. Her favorite season is Halloween.


She is a real Closer due to demonic appearance and very picky. She likes Tomato Juice or Strawberry Juice.

Although, after being cursed, has also the same as before being cursed, but she has an evil attitude. She is mostly malicious and extremely cruel among enemies. She likes blood (or tomato juice, if necessary) and she heavily dislikes holy things, such as silver, the cross, etc. She likes demons because she could communicate them if she was bored. Unfortunately, she is stronger than her daughter.


  • Aya is like Julia identically.
  • She isn't dead as she possessed her own son for Julia's alias.
  • Aya is considerably a demon because she successfully convinced Satan to let Aya be a demon.
  • She is featured in The Cortonith[1].
  • Her other daughter was Suzanna Shukuba, but she refused to take care of her because the one who raped Aya is the one who was Suzie's father.


  1. Heartbreaker's Fanfic:
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