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Azure Goth





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Azure Goth is the youngest of the three Goth siblings who live scattered around Flipverse. Among the three, she's the simplest and fairest, also the one without no powers. She adores her garden, seeing it the only way other people can think of her. She has a secret crush on Levi Linnor.

She is particularly shy around others, but on her siblings, she's a bit cracky.


Azure's black hair, jacket, pants and shoes make her seem a bit mysterious. She also wears a yellow shirt beneath the jacket, with a magenta diamond, to express her simple love for New Year.

She also wears a black and yellow dress on New Year.


Azure was born on April 16.

Azure grew fond of plants when she was young, thinking it as her way to rebuild herself, since the day her "fate" got twisted. Not much info is known about her, although it's hinted she likes recycled materials, and that she won Miss Flipverse title three times consecutively.

Samoa envies her for that title.


  • "Umm, w-what can I-I do for y-you...?"
  • "This plant needs efficient fertilizer and sunlight!"
  • "I believe this is a new plant. Can you lend me some seeds for my garden?"


  • Fond of the soft feel on plants' leaves.
  • Doesn't like rock music.


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