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Code #MinionFanatic, come in



  • He was adopted from Doremy Sweet.


VintagePineapple's FCs
Major FCs (click to show/hide)
Luminous Gems

Ame - Gerri - Piarre

Total Drama OCs

Bianca - Iris - Isabella


Angella - Cherra - Crystallite - Dehvannt - Deloria - Elanna - Jahnaria - Purri - Senora - Topher - Zonia - Zuika

Food FCs

Barb - Bailey - Coco - Cupina - Derp - Hydrogen - Kristinne - Strawburette - Strawberi

Teen Titans OCs

Blossom - Lavender - Matthias

Other Main FCs

Charlotte - Cherry - Espressa - Forsythia - Gwen - Leah - Orchid - Pinkiemena - Ryder - Sharona - Vintella

Minor FCs (click to show/hide)

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