Boom is an FC created by MintIceCream or Papl. Her fav holiday is Starlight Jubilee. She is born on July 5th (so damn close), 1999. She sometimes dyes her hair blue for the 4th of July. Her favorite color is blue.

Fan Flipdeck

Boom is a girl who enjoys anything with explosives! This Starlight Jubilee fan with go crazy for bombs, fireworks, and firecrackers. She plans on being a firework designer one day. She currently resides in Starlight City and is a big fan of Boomer the daredevil. 


Pizzeria: 4 Onions, 4 Pepperonis, 4 Peppers, 4 Sausages. Baked 30 minutes. Cut in 4ths. 

Burgeria: Bun, WD Patty, Cheese, Onion, Ketchup, WD Patty, Lettuce, Tomato, Top Bun

Taco Mia: Hard, chicken, lettuce, tomatoes, Loco Sauce, Cheese

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