Not to be confused with the Cortoniths.

Bradley is a vampire hunter, meaning, he hates all the vampire customers. He also hates ghosts, and usually parading at night on Pizzeria-Taco Mia as a cameo. (he peeks on the door when the last customer/closer is served)

He is a Forever Closer, and he dressed as a ghostbuster during Halloween. 



  • large cup (medium if locked)
  • creameo bits (NBCs if locked)
  • choco syrup
  • choco whipped cream (regular if locked)


  • 5 bacon waffles (pancakes if locked)
  • 5 bananas
  • large decaf with cocoa


  • 5 onion strips (calypso wings if locked)
  • 5 cheese cubes (celery if locked)
  • 4 kung pao dips (ranch if locked)


  • kielbasa in a pumpernickel (hotdog in a bun if locked)
  • wild onion sauce (none if locked)
  • bacon (3 tomatoes if locked)


  • zebra cake (chocolate if locked)
  • black frosting (chocolate if locked)
  • 3 NBC's (candy skulls at Halloween)


  • al-dente gnocchi
  • three cheese
  • crushda peppers (none if locked


  • He dresses as Brad when it is not Halloween.
  • His name maybe based on the Bradley sisters and the Coroniths-Witherwoods, althrough he isn't related to them.

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