Brendan Young is an 26 year old guy who is the lead guitarist in the band.. "he never really came up with a name though..." Yeah.. that's the name.... He makes his debut in Pastaria. His favorite holiday is Starlight Jubilee (In both games). He was engaged to Amber many years ago, but, they broke up before they got married



  • Gnocchi (Stellini)
  • Regular
  • Creamy Alfredo
  • Mozzerella Shreds (Blue Cheese)
  • 7x Prosciutto


  • Donut 1
    • Red Velvet
    • French Cruller
    • Red Frosting
    • Strawberry Drizzle (Powsicle Drizzle)
  • Donut 2
    • Regular
    • Round (Star)
    • Vanilla Icing
    • Lemon Chiffon
    • Rainbow Sprinkles (Blue Star Sprinkles)
  • Donut 3
    • Blueberry
    • Ring (Star)
    • Blueberry Custard (Jubilee Jelly)
    • Sky Blue Icing
    • Mini Marshmallows
    • Cosmic Coconut

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