"I don't want to retire in the name of soccer just to achieve my dreams of being a World MVP!"'

~Carrigan, the German's Legend of Soccer

Carrigan Shazrigern
Shazrigern, first concept.


German's Legend of Soccer

Carrigan Alviente Mudhafecka Shazrigern is one of Ririko's FCs... And adopted by Rifqitheflipper

Main Details

Carrigan is one of the hardest players to pass off. Carrigan is currently on the Flipline Team and was actually lived in the streets of Burgerburgh. Carrigan loves burgers and hot dogs, and going on the forums, but hates getting on wrong way of playing Soccer. Sometimes Carrigan  to the "Angry German Kid" move due to what she actually hate: Any impurities in the Forum.

Her birthday is at April 29, 1985.


Her favorite game is ... self-explanatory. But her favorite food is actually gyoza.


Carrigan is actually hyper in computer but while in the name of soccer she is way too serious on playing.


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