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Dengo Daciana







Balancer Alignment


Dengo Daciana is a were-dog residing with Misuya in Elora's household. While he's very chill and laid-back most of the time, he has most of his fun playing with Misuya and hosting Prince Boy. He's rather fond of the Deg Deg meme, much to Misuya's chagrin. (Elora loves it, though.)


In his canine form, he is a black-and-white Siberian husky. In contrast to Misuya he is quite large.

His human form shows the black, grey and white color scheme of his canine form; he has a fauxhawk/undercut hybrid hairstyle of sorts, with husky ears, as well as a loose grey jacket, a collared white shirt, black pants and white shoes. He has a very fluffy husky tail.


  • [tba]


  • Dengo was originally a joke character named Deg Deg. He was still a husky, though.
  • Much of Dengo's design was inspired by Flannel, from Fire Emblem: Fates.


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