Diandra Foxtemple





Diandra is a person who's a master of sword-fighting, karate and martial arts. Don't underestimate her, as she could knock you flat out. Diandra once was a sword master of Heartsorrow, but moved out to try and socialize better.

Diandra is intelligent and smart, she could outsmart someone in less than a second. She, however, has a short fuse and concentrates on the more serious side of things. She is also a master of reading auras. If you annoy Diandra, expect a few kicks and punches to the face, as said.


  • "Come at me!"
  • "Oh geez, look at your face!"
  • "I don't need a senpai to notice me, I am already good at battling."


  • She was originally owned by Ririko.

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