Dictator Rader

Dictator Rader's appearance on all Gamerias.

He is an evil man from the Awesome Sauce City. He owns a food factory that is controversial because of use of human meat. He ia rivals with Mr. Capri and friends with L33T.



  • hard shell
  • pork
  • hot sauce
  • cheese
  • mild sauce
  • brown rice
  • white rice




  • 4 bacon waffles
  • chocolate chips
  • maple syrup
    • coffee
    • cocoa


  • 8 atomic chicken strips
  • 8 french fries
  • 4 kung pao dips
  • TBA


He was once a man that owns an organization that helps poor people. Then, one day, he went to Pirate Hat Emporium. He bought the Evil Hat for $200. Unaware of the curse, he puts it on. He then turns evil. He cannot remove it so he became totaly evil. He still owns the company, but he gave torture houses to them. Then, the corpses are brought to his food factory. There, they are garnished with awesome sauce, make them smell pork meat and he delivers it to evil people. He met L33T and became friends. But, he doesnt know that his factory is being sabotaged by Mr. Capri.


  • Strangely, his name is Dictator Rader but he has NEVER ruled a place on a dictatorship.

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