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Digit Turquomane


Genderless; shown as a male body



Digit Turquomane is an android created by a mysterious inventor, built to protect a mysterious fortress. As an android, Digit has no emotions, but he speaks with tone. He has immense power, though he needs to rest a lot after using almost all of it. He has three siblings.


Digit wears a black shirt and black pants. He also wears teal armor embroidered with small turquoise gems. His hair is dyed pink, although it is his natural hair. He also sports teal wings with white circuit markings around it.

When such trouble nears around his post, Digit's form changes.


Digit was the last android created by a mysterious inventor to protect a mysterious fortress. Among the four androids created, it was him whom the inventor had took time doing, as he's kind of different from his other creations. Not much is known about him after that, he rarely leaves his post.


  • "Scanning whole body... Are you, perhaps, evil?"


  • Roughly based off some robots and a former FC.


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