Donald Fitz is one of the customers made by Nickito. He lives in Starlight City, which is where he presents his ventriloquism show with his puppet Skullface.


Donald was born in 1575 on-wait, wrong Donald. Donald was born in 1990 on February 15th. His parents died when he was 3. He went to live with his uncle, Professor Fitz. His uncle had to work as a professor and a scientist, so Donald spent most of his time alone. Professor Fitz did, however teach Donald science. When he was 7, Donald discovered ventriloquism. He hated it. Donald's one fear was ventriloquism. Around the time Donald was 15 or so, he was walking home when a man pulled Donald into an alley. He told Donald to help him in his robbery. Donald had been raised to know better, but he was scared of the man, so he said yes. Donald actually had fun robbing the bank, the most fun he'd ever had. He eventually started stealing from big names such as Georgito, Papa Louie, and even Professor Fitz. After trying to steal a teleportation serum from his uncle, Professor Fitz merged a conveniently placed ventriloquist dummy with Donald. Now, as punishment for stealing over $7,000 worth of objects, Donald must preform with his biggest fear three nights a week, every week for 10 years. Donald has only lived out 3 of these years.

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