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Elora DeVries is a teenage girl who resides in Tastyville. She is quite introverted, preferring to start conversations herself than have people come to her. She is fairly good friends with Sho; the two of them visit each other fairly often. She doesn't get a whole lot of sleep, and thus looks tired fairly often.


Elora has somewhat messy, short blonde-ish brown hair. She wears a black shirt, with a pink diamond and figure-eight symbol on it. She also wears pale blue jeans, black shoes, and glasses. She always looks exhausted, with bags under her eyes.


Born in Tastyville, Elora quickly found that she didn't quite fit in. She was introverted, tomboyish, and spent more time on the Internet than anything else. She felt like she stuck out, but she didn't seem to mind. She also noticed that she had a hard time getting to sleep at night. Eventually, bags formed under her eyes. That's around when she gave up on trying to get a lot of sleep.


  • "[snort] Best throw ever. I think Yippy's throwing arm is about as good as mine."
  • "Next time on Never Give Syo This Much Power..."
  • "Rest in pieces, clownfricker!"


  • She is a customer version of Silvie.
  • She is asexual/abroromantic.
  • She has low stamina, and tires herself out easily.
  • She is arachnophobic.
  • She drinks a lot of soda (preferably Dr. Cherry or Hyper Green Voltage (which is blue), and thus is rather frequently on mild sugar highs.
  • She is easily stressed out about small things, and often reports feeling sick and urges to cry as symptoms of her sudden stress surges.
  • Like Vanna, she curses like a sailor and has to be bowlderized for Flipline.


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