Ethan is the son of Iman and Mitch (they got married). He is a 6th grader at Tastyville Central Middle School.

Pizza: 3 olives (upper left quarter), 5 mushrooms (upper right quarter), 2 peppers (lower left quarter), 3 onions (lower right quarter), 3/8 of a meter, 8ths

Burger: Bun, Medium Patty, Cheese, Tomato, Onion, Onion, BBQ, Bun

Burger HD: Bun, Well-Done Patty, Swiss Cheese, Mushrooms, onion onion, Awesome Sauce, Bun

Taco: Soft Taco, Steak, Nacho Sauce, Hot Sauce, mild sauce, cheese, brown rice

Sundae: Medium Cup, Blueberries, Rainbow Sherbert Syrup, Chunky Blend, Whipped Cream, Butterscotch Topping, Tropical Charms, Cookie, Banana, Cookie

Breakfast: pancake w/ bacon mix, 5x butter, pancake, maple syrup, large cup of CJ w/ ice

Wings: 8 spicy garlic wings, 2 carrots (left), 2 green peppers (left), 2 red peppers (right), 2 celery (right), 2 ranch dips

Hot dog: Italian sausage in a regular bun, marinara sauce, cheese, fajita veggies, mushrooms, medium cup of Dr. Cherry, medium pack of buttered popcorn

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