Events are things that happen all through the FPLC world.


  • 9330947th Tastyville Cookie Eating Competence.
  • Kabos & Vaibhav come to Tastyville with their parents.
  • Tacodale Has An Earthquake.
  • Tastyville opens The Fizzo Soda & Popcorn Company.

1996 (Bad Luck Year)

  • The Tastyville Hurricane.
  • Cookie Crisis.
  • The Great Flood.
  • Great Ecomic Crisis.


  • Tastyville celebrates it's first Onionfest.
  • Tastyville Declares Summer Luau as a Official Holiday because of a Petition that the parents of Utah & Nevada made.
  • Continues the Great Crisis.


  • Cookie Scouts is restaured.
  • Horror Winter.
  • The Mega Blizzard.
  • Continues the great crisis.


  • Tastyville declares Pirate Bash as the newest holliday.
  • Mt. Pasta Eruption (Hina was at that time, she quickly left).
  • Closing of the Pasta Mountain.
  • The Crisis erradicated.


  • Mr. Pepper opens Mr. Pepper Corp, he couldn't open in the earlier years due to the economical depression.
  • Mr. Pepper gets married with Mrs. Cherry.


  • Starlight City Radio was first aired. 


  • More radio stations in Tastyville


  • Jason proposes to Amber.
  • Tastyville opens Starlight TV and Tastyville's Icecream company, which is later owned by Luis.


  • Cooper proposes to Madison, and she agrees.
  • Cooper and Madison break up.
  • Henry proposes to Madison, and she agrees.

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