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Welcome to the Fan Papa Louie Customers Wiki! This wiki is a fanon wiki, so you can make pages that are your creations, but are related to the wiki. Thanks! Please read the wiki guidelines before editing here! We currently have 909 articles and we are happy if you'd add more! Take a look below and see some of the fan customers!

Every week, on a Monday, the wiki's theme will change. The mood may vary. This week's theme is... Maple Mornings!

Featured Customer Voting

You can sign up your only FC for the future customer voting.

Which FC belonging to Dawn14 should be featured customer of the week?

The poll was created at 20:59 on August 27, 2014, and so far 11 people voted.
Fanmade Location Creator Mayor/Ruler
Heartsorrow City Ririko Julia
Stilth Tower Ririko Lorelei
Snowlands PsychicEspeon Crescenta
Happy Valley Ice Heart Caitlyn
Windsong Eightball Sirenne
Galeville Ice Heart Unknown
Farthenwood Dawnie Amber and Jason
Emerland Sonic The Forumer Jennette "Jenny" Hedgehog
Titanim Ice Heart Unknown
Mythos Labs Eightball Cethin
Fanmade Affiliations Creator Leader
Demons of Despair Ririko Maryssa Belphen
Fanmade Tourneys Creator
Princess Girl Almei, Ririko(Temporary), Mysteon(Temporary)
Queen of Flipverse PsychicEspeon
Wiki Rules Name Reservations
Chat Rules Adoption
Total Number of Articles: 909 Total Number of Active Users: 39
User Job Activeness
Fluffy Eevee Founder Semi-Active
Dawnie Home Page Artist/Caretaker/Adoption Owner Active
Ririko Graphical Tester Active
Luis Sysop Active
Spiky Sysop Active
Eightball Sysop Active
Espeon Sysop Active
BlazingDragon Sysop Active
Papl Sysop Semi-Active
904 Sysop Inactive
Slendar Chat Moderator Semi-Active
Qami Chat Moderator Inactive
Jake Chat Moderator Inactive
Pikachu Chat Moderator Inactive
Pinkie copy

Read up on the featured customer based off of a TV show, Pinkie!

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Sonic Fan!

Welcome the newest customer, Sanic!

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Scheila Müller

Scheila Müller is inviting you to participate in Princess Girl: Spin-Off


ABOUT THIS WIKI: This wiki was founded by Fluffy Eevee323 and is constantly being contributed each day by our valued users.

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