These are the pages currently up for adoption. If you want to adopt an abandoned character, please contact Dawn14 or Pichu . Characters owned by admins may never be put up for adoption, unless they say so.

Admins may freely adopt FCs as long as the owner is inactive or permabanned, or the FC is explicitly UFA. Permabanned doesn't apply if the user is still active on the forum. If they have been permabanned or left in both places recently, wait two weeks before putting their FCs up for adoption.

The adoption golden rule: Keep in mind when putting FCs up for adoption that once the FC is adopted, you no longer own them. Temporary adoption is only allowed if you want the new owner to do something simple (i.e. give the customer a bio or slight change), but you must ask for the customer back when they are done. Suddenly taking back an adopted FC as though they are still yours will net you a warning, as this is seen as sudden repo and unfair. You may also not police what a person does with the character once you adopt them out. However, before giving your FC for adoption, you may give some conditions to the user adopting it, but please avoid giving restrictions and keep the discussion light and friendly.

Adoptable FCs not listed here can be found here. You can simply add the category "Up for Adoption" to notify a customer up for adoption, or add an adoption tag.

Admin's FCs

If you want to take a FC who were owned by Admins, ask them on their user wall.

Fluffy Eevee323's FC's up for adoption:

Azuki's FC's up for adoption:

  • Mel Maine (She was one of my FC's that was made on Cupcakeria, but later I didn't got a use for her...)
  • To be listed later.

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