Welcome to the Fan Papa Louie Customers Wiki! Below are the rules; please read them before you make an edit. Check this page regularly to know about the updates and changes. If you have any questions, feel free to ask an admin.

Edit Rules

  • Art theft of any kind, including taking and recoloring (or tracing) parts from other FCs, is strictly prohibited. [Severe to dire temporary ban. Will be extended to permaban if offender continues their ways or has recieved multiple bans in the past.]
  • No pornographic, inappropriate, perverted or disturbing images or FC themes. If your page has minor to medium level NSFW (Not Safe For Work) content on it, give it the NSFW category. This will trigger a newly-added JavaScript to initially hide the page. Severe NSFW is not allowed under any circumstances. If someone asks you to take an image down or tone down your FC, do so. Refusal to comply on administrator request to tone down an image/FC will make your punishment more severe. [Warning to permaban depending on severity]
  • Unless the original page belongs to you, you are not allowed to "recycle" a page or image (read: edit over it and replace it with something else). This can damage the content of messages that use the image, in that case, and in the case of pages, the reason for disallowing this should be obvious. All current recycled pages are allowed due to the grandfather clause, and will not be changed. [Warning to temporary ban, admin's discretion]
  • As unnecessary categories are removed, unnecessary templates will be removed as well- particularly if they are copies of other templates. [Unneeded template removed, warning]
  • Absolutely do not use an FC for a fan-fic or anything similar if it does not belong to you, unless the owner trusts you and you know how to write the character's personality. This is a form of character theft and is forbidden here; no exceptions. When in doubt, ask the owner for permission. And yes, this rule does carry over to what you do on the forum! [Major to severe temporary ban, at admin's discretion. If you are trusted you will get by with a warning- once. Severe is much more likely if offender breaks a communication rule when confronted. Permaban is possible if offender is persistent.]
  • Please do not edit a page if it doesn't belong to you, unless you have the permission to do so. The only thing you may add without permission is anything the user has given blanket permission for, as well as mandatory categories. Admins may modify or remove anything that breaks a rule. [Warning upon first offense, minor temporary ban if behavior continues- temporary ban types will rank up the more this is done]
  • Please do not make articles only to troll or vandalize. These will be removed. [Permaban]
  • There is no tolerance for vandalism here. [Severe temporary ban to permaban, admin's discretion]
  • No cheating for badges. This includes any form of edit. [Warning to major temporary ban, admin's discretion
  • No edit warring. If your edit is rolled back, ask the admin/rollback who did it why it happened, rather than changing it back yourself. (If your edit was unnecessary or spam, don't bother.) [Warning to temporary ban, admin's discretion]
  • Please put time and effort into your characters. Please make sure you add "UnfinishedPage" template over the character if you know that character is not finished. Characters made solely as jokes or just to get more attention will not be tolerated. [Warning to minor temporary ban, admin's discretion; character may be put up for adoption]
  • It is fine if your character has the same name of an already existing Gameria character (sometimes even existing before the official customer). Most people see this as a bad thing, when in reality, it isn't. Please do not force the maker to change the name or declare that the character should be deleted. [Warning to minor temportary ban, admin's discretion, depends on severity]


This section of the rules lists what categories are needed on your FC's pages. Please make sure these categories are present.

  • You must have these categories on your FCs' pages:
    • Boys or Girls.
    • A category for the first letter of your FC's name,  like B Customers. This helps to organize FCs and is mandatory.
    • Customers by ______, replace the blank with your username. This helps people find your FCs, especially on mobile where the FC templates don't look as good.
  • These categories only apply in certain situations:
    • Gamerias where they appeared like Taco Mia!Pancakeria etc. apply if your FC appears in that game. If you haven't decided where they appear (or, like many characters on the wiki, do not appear at all), these are not needed.
    • Real Life Customers applies if your character is based entirely on a real person.
    • Users As Customers applies if your character is based on a user on the wiki (usually yourself).
    • Special Human/Creature applies if your FC is not completely human, alien, a dragon, etc. If you have a species significant to a project of yours, you may make a subcategory of this. (Non-Human works in the same way.)
    • Closers or Former Closers apply if your FC is or was a closer at any point.
    • Up for Adoption applies if your FC is up for adoption. Anyone may take and adopt them if you are not active, but if you are they must ask first.
    • Adopted Customers applies if your FC was adopted from someone else.
    • NSFW applies if the page contains minor to medium-level NSFW content, to trigger the SpoilerAlert javascript.
  • All unnecessary or duplicate categories will be deleted. You may be warned or banned if you add them repeatedly. Necessity of categories is determined on an admin-by-admin basis and may be discussed. If an admin makes a duplicate accidentally, they are expected to quietly remove it.
  • Appearance categories (Ppl with hats and similar categories) are in a sort of gray area right now. It's alright to add them, but it hasn't been determined yet whether they are candidates for removal- so for now, they are not encouraged.

Profile Page Rules

  • Do not add an enemies section to your page. This is controversial and ties in with the rule of showing respect to all users. [Offending content removed; minor to severe temporary ban, depending on severity]
  • Do not use racial slurs or insult religion, sexuality, or anything similar. [Offending content removed; major temporary or permanent ban, depending on severity]
  • No suggestive blog posts. Personal ones are fine. [Blog post edited or removed, depending on severity; warning- minor temporary ban on further offenses]

Miscellaneous Rules

  • Don't advertise unless we know you're not a spambot. TSIA; we don't want robots here! You're allowed to advertise if we know you're not a bot, but keep it in moderation. [Permaban if we confirm that a bot is advertising. Clarify that you are not a bot if you advertise something.]
  • Please think through what you're saying before you say it. If it sounds like it might be taken as mean, or just doesn't make a lot of sense when you look at it a second time, you probably shouldn't post it. [No consequences beyond warning]
  • Do not add pointless or spam comments in the comments section. [Warning to temporary ban, admin's discretion; comment deleted]
  • Show respect towards all users. Do not flame, harass or otherwise attack a person for any reason. This applies double to admins. [Warning to permaban, admin's discretion]
  • No racism, homophobia, transphobia or similar things. We want to be an accepting community, and excluding someone for an aspect of who they are is the exact opposite of accepting. Note that this does not encompass only aggressive hatred- casual homophobia/racism/etc. (like here)  will get you warned as well. [Warning; bans if behavior persists]
  • Opinions are opinions; do not bash someone for their opinion. [Warning; bans are not possible for this]
  • No sockpuppeting to evade a ban, under any circumstances. [Permaban; any future accounts will be banned as well]
  • No matter how you do it, never beg for fan art. Let people make fan art as they wish. [Warning to temporary ban, admin's discretion; fanart-begging removed]
  • Don't adopt an FC unless the owner of that FC has been gone for at least a month, they are explicitly up for adoption, or the owner has been permabanned. You're also not allowed to adopt an FC if you're told you cannot have them. Don't go around stealing FCs, now! [Temporary bans to dire temporary bans, admin's discretion]
  • You can technically swear as long as it's censored. Uncensored cursing will get you a warning (or ban). "Damn" and "hell" are okay. Some admins may be okay with cursing, such as Dawniee and Luis[Warning to temporary ban; admin's discretion]

Rules for Moderators/Admins

All Admin Types

  • DO NOT ABUSE YOUR POWER. If you do so you will likely have your administrative status revoked.
  • Only step in when you really need to. If it's a minor issue or there's no rule actually being broken, don't worry about it. There's no need to be constantly overlooking the wiki.

Sysop and Bureaucrat

  • If you want to make a significant change to the wiki (i.e. retiring a wiki feature or something similar), ask the other admins before you do it.
  • Be strict, but don't be rude. However, don't be unnecessarily gentle either. Admins need to be tough in order to be respected here, given the place's unstable nature.
  • Don't overly saturate the wiki with your running style. You can easily make yourself look like you're trying to take over the wiki.
  • If you've been inactive for a long time, don't suddenly reseize control of the wiki without talking to the other admins first.

Chat Moderator

  •  If a user swears without censoring, ask the other people in the chat if they are offended before you begin issuing warnings, kicks, etc. If everyone's fine with it, don't worry about it- but if they're not, feel free to begin enforcing the rule.
  • Only kick or ban if someone is definitely breaking a rule. Remember, debating is okay! It's only if something evolves into a flame war that you need to step in.


  • Rollback admins may roll back any edit they deem unnecessary. However, before you do so, check the edit logs and compare edits. If the edit isn't detrimental to the page, leave it alone.
  • There is no need to report your rollback to an admin, unless it is being done repeatedly by the same user.

Table of Banning Times

[These apply to the chat as well.]

Minor Temporary Ban 12 hours
Temporary Ban 1-3 days (admin's discretion)
Major Temporary Ban 1-4 weeks (admin's discretion)
Severe Temporary Ban 1-3 months (admin's discretion)
Dire Temporary Ban 6-12 months (admin's discretion)
Permaban Infinite

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