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Frosta Dellavin





Eye Color

Very Light Blue


200 (35 Cryokkan Years)


Kovu [The Lion King]




Winner of Season 5


Cryokkan blood is often passed down through human families without any knowledge of the heritage- and Frosta Dellavin held quite a bit of it. For most of his life, he looked perfectly human. At a glance there was no way to know that he was partially Cryokkan. However, in a cruel Mythos Labs experiment to see how long a human could resist cold temperatures, his heritage was revealed with no warning. His entire body seemed to flush blue, his skin cracking in places, while ice crystallized around his hands and part of his face. It wasn't visible then, but his heart began to freeze as well...

After being released in a hurry from his sub-zero torture, Frosta is cold and unwelcoming- typical of a human-turned-Cryokkan. He is still somewhat compassionate, as his heart is not entirely frozen yet. However, if it were to freeze entirely, he would completely lose his sense of empathy...and this could spell icy doom for Tastyville.


Frosta's skin is notably frozen, with a very dark and icy looking texture, and some noticable crack marks. He has a frozen tear mark going down his face. His hair is a very light blue and spiky with a little tail going behind it. He has very light blue eyes. He wears a gray suit with spikes coming out of the shoulders. and his heart is visible in the center. He wears two frozen gloves with spikes at the fingertips, solid white. His suit streches down over his pants, which are the color of jeans. His shoes are gray with an icicle sticking out of the bottom of it.


  • Please, go away. I don't wish to see anyone.
  • If you continue to stay near me, I could be your icy downfall.
  • I don't wish to harm anything, so just stay away from me!


  • He is the 20th FC created by Lpcarver
    • He is the 2nd edited FC.
      • And the first male edited FC of Lpcarver


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