I shall hunt you down with my neverending moon magic!
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Geraldine Aquamarine


Full Name
Geraldine Aquamarine
February 18, 1989
Favorite Season
Summer Luau
Favorite Food
Anything cyan and blue
Favorite Drink
Tangerine Pop
First Appearance
Papa's Pizzeria
Aquamarine of White Sand
Jewel Seller
  • Ruby Aquamarine (sister)
  • Gerald Aquamarine (brother)

Geraldine Aquamarine is a resident of White Sand Town. She first appeared at Papa's Pizzeria. Her current occupation is a hiker and a jewel seller. She is a lover of aquamarines. You can distinguish her by her total blue looks.

If she saw a piece of aquamarine in her hiking inside caves, she gets it. The same thing happens when she sees aquamarine jewelry. She buys it.

Early Life

Geraldine was born with her twin brother, Gerald, on February 18, 1989. When she was 3 years old, she saw many jewels in a ship where they are aboard. Unfortunately, when she took one (an aquamarine), the boat struck a large rock. She and her siblings, Gerald and Ruby, along with their mom, got tossed to another side of the boat. But, as the boat struck another rock, their mother got thrown out in a big hole. However, she and her siblings survived and was taken care of their aunt.

She got schooled to Calypso State University from elementary to college.



  • Her name comes from the creator's friend's name, Geraldine.
  • Geraldine's original surname was Unova, but Espeon_Fan decided to make it rhyme with her first name.
  • Has a supreme addiction to aquamarines, hence her surname.

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