Happy Valley is a fanmade place. People who are very happy, friendly, or optimistic reside here. It is filled with ponies, unicorns, candy, a young girl's paradise. 



In the late 1800's, founder Yellav Yppah departed Tastyville and was exploring when he shipwrecked on an island. It was a land filled with giant candies and rainbows. It was not a big island, it was little populated by the Unicorns Of Rainbow. The UOR gave Yellav a special device which is now known as an iPhone. He contacted the Unicorns Of Rainbow in Tastyville. They then marked a spot, and in honor of Yellav, they named the island his name backwards, Happy Valley. Happy Valley is now populated by a little amount of fan customers, but is slowly growing. The Unicorns Of Rainbow are getting along with the fan customers. It is rumored to soon have a fan Papa Louie dineria soon.

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