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Hong, Winner of Season Six of The Ruler of Flipverse


Hong Meiling*  is a youkai  who lives in Tacodale. She can manipulate qi. She is also a very talented Kung-Fu Artist. She has long orders. She is extremely lazy, and she likes to slack off and nap all day. Sakuya hates her because of this.
EoSD Stage 3 Boss - Hong Meiling's Theme - Shanghai Alice of Meiji 1703:05

EoSD Stage 3 Boss - Hong Meiling's Theme - Shanghai Alice of Meiji 17


Taco Mia: Beef, Soft Taco, White Rice, Brown Rice, sour cream, lettuce, peppers, jalapenos.

Freezeria: Medium Cup, Yum & M's, Rainbow Syrup, Regular, Chocolate Cream, strawberry syrup, sprinkles, 3 bananas.

Pancakeria: 3 blueberry waffles, whipped cream, rasperries, 4 bananas, Large OJ with Ice.

Burgeria HD: Bun, Lettuce, Ketchup, Well-Done Burger, BBQ, bun.

Wingeria: 4 wasabi boneless, 4 green peppers, 2 fries, 3 ranch dips.

HotDoggeria: Pumpernickle Roll, Veggie Dog, Chili, cheese, bacon, pickle, Medium Lemon Mist, Medium Kettle Corn.

Burgeria To Go: Bun, Jalapenos, Medium Burger, american cheese, Bun.


  • Meiling is her given name, Hong is her surname
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