Iris is a girl who usually orders spicy stuff in her meals. She debuts in Taco Mia, she's absent in Freezeria. 


Taco Mia: Beef, Hard Shell, Guacamole, Onion, Loco Mystery Sauce, Guacamole.

Freezeria HD: Large Cup, Cherry Cordials, Red Velvet Syrup, Smoothly Blended, Whipped Cream, 3 Cherries.

Pancakeria: 3 Bacon Waffles, Maple Syrup, 3 Bananas, L. Tea w/ Sugar.

Wingeria: 9 Wild Onion Strips (Left), 3 BBQ Wings (Right), 3 Atomic Shrimps (Right), Kung Pao (x2), Mango Chilli.

Rest coming soon.

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