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Jared is a teenager who first appeared in Papa's Taco Mia. He is the brother of Simon and Mallory. Right now, he is a student in Tastyville High. He is dating Margie. He has a light appetite.


Taco: beef in a soft taco, peppers, cheese, verde sauce, black beans

Freezeria: Small Cup, NBCs, Strawberry Syrup, Chunky, Cream, sprinkles, tropical charms, strawberry topping, 3 cherries

Pancakeria: 1 Waffle, 4 strawberries, honey, syrup, Small OJ with Ice

Burgeria HD: Bun, Medium Patty, swiss cheese, pickle, mustard, bun

Wingeria: 5 atomic boneless, 5 carrots, 2 kung paos

HotDoggeria: Regular Bun, It. Sausage, peppers, mustard, onions, cheese, Small Tangerine Pop, Small Buttered Popcorn

Burgeria To Go!: Bun, jalapenos, pepperjack cheese, medium patty, ketchup, Bun

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