Pastcustomer Jennette "Jenny" Hedgehog was voted as the featured customer of the week at some point in the past.
Jennette "Jenny Hedgehog
Jennette "Jenny" Hedgehog!



Favourite Colour:


Favourite Gameria:

Papa's Donuteria

First Appearance:

Papa's Cupcakeria



Friends with:

Ryan (boyfriend), Cindy, Shiny and Zorro

Favourite Food:

Hot Dog

Too many parameters

 Jennette Hedgehog is a FC by Sonic The Hedgehog (forum user) and she was killed by Papl  at the last season of first series of Princess Girl. Jenny is a girl FC who has 23 years old and she is Ryan 's girlfriend. She participated in lots of Fan Tournaments and Fan Games. Jenny never was a friend of a FC that Sonic The Hedgehog doesn't created. She is friend with Cindy Break and Shiny The Girl. Jenny has Sonic Powers. She partecipated at Kiefer's Customerpalooza, Monir's CustomerPalooza,Princess Girl: 1st Series, Queen Of Flipverse and Sonic's Customerpalooza.Once, EightBallPixels drew Jenny.  She lost in tournaments by Julia Witherwood , Lavender, Papl , Samara and Lilly. Also, Rage Mallor said that he likes these FCs: Jennette "Jenny" Hedgehog and Shiny The Girl. She was chibified by Rage Mallor. Her favourite colour is Lavender. Her favourite oliday is New Year. Her favourite food is Hot Dog. At the last season of Princess Girl First Series she was KO by Papl . She was in Starlight City Hospital while she was in coma. When she was no longer in come she goes back to revenge Papl ! She has a Super Form and an Evil Form. Her Evil Form is way too powerful and during her Evil Form she is way too evil. Evil Jenny is an rival to any FC. Once, on topic named "Kief's Customerpalooza 2", Sonic The Hedgehog said that she upload Jenny's pic soon on a competition. But, Almei uploads Jenny's pic. Also, MooseRelated drew Jenny.


She was born in a small village with her parents (Shizuki and Ren Hedgehog). She had a normal life and he had no friends. But one day, she was hit by the thunder and she got the Supersonic Powers.

Then, the evil Opalians conquisted the village and people asked Jenny for help. She helped them using her powers and with Ryan Cupcake and  Zodalord "Zorro" Baker she stopped them. Everybody was happy and then Jenny became famous and met many people that she didn't know before.


  • Jenny SPEED!!
  • You all know that I am the fastest, y'all know..
Cute Badge X3

Congrats on winning Season one of The Ruler of Flipverse, Jenny!


  • She is the most famous FC of Sonic The Hedgehog's FCs!
  • Her first appearance was in Papa's Cupcakeria.
  • Once, STH made a mistake with Jenny's surname, her surname was Oink Pig. But, when STH thought that it wasn't cool ,but was super funny, STH changed her surname to Hedgehog because of her Super Sonic Powers.
  • Jenny have an Evil Transformation. She is 100% more evil during that Transformation. While her Evil Form, she is rival to anyone, but friend to rivals. 
  • She also has another transformation, called "Super Jenny".
  • Even if nobody knew it, she created an alias called "Robo-Jenny". 

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