Joe is a diner worker who first appears in Pancakeria, he owns a diner near a bridge at Maple Mountains. He will order anything blue or green, his favorite colors. His favorite Holiday is Summer Luau. 


Pancakeria: French Toach with Blueberry Mix, Blueberry Syrup, Blueberries and Sugar with a Large Decaf with Cream.

Wingeria: 6 Wasabi Boneless Wings on the Right, 6 Lettuce on the Left with 2 Ranch Dips.

Hot Doggeria: Veggie Dog in a Hoagie Roll, Mayo, Onions, Relish, 3 Sports Peppers and a Medium Diet Fizzo with Small Cotton Puffs.

Cupcakeria: Red Velvet Cake in Liner D.

  • Cupcake 1: Teal Frosting, Tropical Charms, Sprinkles, Vanilla Drizzle, 3 Paper Umbrellas (Nutty Butter Cups afterwards).
  • Cupcake 2: Deep Blue Frosting, Chocolate Drizzle, 2 Bananas (Marshmallows later). 

His profile

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