Johnathon is a Chef in Papa's Hotdoggeria. His debut is Papa's Taco Mia. He is absent in Pancakeria. Sarge Fan! Is Jealous of Him Because he Owns Sarge Clotches.

Taco Mia: Beef in a Pita Shell,  tomatoes, onions, cheese, cheese, onions, tomatoes

Freezeria: Medium Cup, Blueberries, Vanilla Syrup, Chunky, Cream, butterscotch, Cherry

Pancakeria: ABSENT

Wingeria: 6 Atomic Shrimps, 2 teriyaki shrimps,  4 celeries

Hotdoggeria: Normal Bun, Veggie Dog, mild sauce, pineapple relish, hot sauce, Small root beer, Large Cotton Puffs

Cupcakeria: 2nd wrapper, strawberry cake, violet frosting, sprinkles

Pastaria: Spaghetti, Three Cheese, mozzarella Pepperoni bread

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