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Jones Katana







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Papa's Pancakeria

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Jones Katana is an eighteen-year-old living in Maple Mountains. He is a musician, alongside Maye, her girlfriend. He has somewhat hard hearing, due to a problem in his ear developed when he was a child. Unlike Maye, he's much mature and wiser.


Jones has white hair. He wears a blue and white stripe shirt, white pants and blue shoes. On Maple Mornings, he wears a maple shirt with brown pants, and also a maple designed pair of shoes. 


Jones' birthdate is unknown.

Not much is known about him, though. He only prospered through the help of his lucky guitar, or so he says. He had teamed up with Maye ever since an incident took place. They like to make Flipverse tours.


  • "WHAT ARE YOU SAYING?!?!?!?"
  • "Maye, you're really crazy on wearing those pink horns."
  • "What are you up this time? Last time it was those pink horns, now it's the messy hair?"


  • Based after June. Has a sibling named Julaire Katana.


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