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Karma is a girl who first appeared in Papa's Pancakeria. She likes Temple Run and Cut the Rope. She likes Hugo but doesn't
tell him. But, since she is married she has to find another boyfriend. In pancakeria, she has a sad face (see bio)

Pancakeria: Waffle, Waffle, blueberries, 2 butters, 2 bananas, Large Cranberry Juice with Ice

Burgeria HD: Bun, Cheese, Mustard, Bun, lettuce, Well Done patty, Bun (Same for To Go!)

Wingeria: 5 spicy garlic wings, 7 french fries, 2 celeries

Hotdoggeria: Hoagie Roll, Veggie Dog, relish, mayo, relish, pickle, salsa, Medium Fizzo, Large Cinnamon Swirl

Cupcakeria: 1st wrapper, Strawberry Cake, CUPCAKE 1: Deep Purple Frosting, sprinkles, chocholate chips, 3 nutty butter cups CUPCAKE 2: Sunglow Frosting, assorted holiday drizzles


Karma was the youngest child in Brenda's family. She was sailing around Calypso Island when she was a teenager when a hurricane struck, driving her boat WAAAY off course, and she crash-landed in some distant, remote island near Tastyville. She lived as a castaway until a tribe of natives found her and let them live with her. She met a man and fell in love with him. On the day of the wedding, evil colonists invaded, which led to the start of a bloody war. Her fiance, Hugh, got a wound. She sailed away with him on her boat to escape the war. Hugh's wound got infected and he died. She has lived in sadness ever since :'(. But she got over it.


Pancakeria: 17 (Medium)

Burgeria HD: 2 (Easy)

Wingeria: 55 (Challenging)

Hotdoggeria 42 (Hard)

Burgeria To Go!: 5 (Easy)

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