Kenny is a kid who first appeared in Hotdoggeria. His favorite holiday is St Paddys Day


  • Hotdoggeria: pumpernickel roll, veggie dog, ballpark mustard, marinara sauce, 3 peppers, bacon, pickle, Small Diet Fizzo, Small Red Hot Popcorn
  • Cupcakeria: Red Velvet Cake, Liner B, Cupcake 1: Mocha Frosting, Mint Shavings (Or Sprinkles), Gold Coin (Marshmallow), Cupcake 2: Pink Frosting, Pistachio Drizzle (Or Chocolate Drizzle), 3 Mint Bars (Or Cherries)
  • Pastaria: Cloveroni (Or Macaroni), Zesty Pesto (Or Papa's Marinara), Lucky Dust (Or Black Pepper), Crushida Pepper, Poppyseed Roll
  • Donuteria:  Donut 1: Vanilla Shamrock (Ring), Strawberry Icing, Creameo Bits, Donut 2: Vanilla Round, Green Icing (Or Powdered Sugar), Mint Cream (Or Blackberry Jelly), Lucky 7s (Or Chocolate Chips), Key Lime Drizzle (Or Caramel), Donut 3: Vanilla Shamrock (Or Ring), Green Icing (Or Orange Icing), Lucky 7s (Or Sprinkles)
  • Cheeseria: White Bread, Sarge Derby Cheese (Or Pepperjack), Mustard, Ketchup, Corned Beef, Olives, French Fries with Ranch and Sour Cream

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