Kevin is a man who works as a manager of a company and lives in Tacodale. He is Jenette's husband.


Kevin dresses in very simple and formal outfit, only a white shirt, black pants, brown belt and a red tie. He wears black shoes and and spectacles with golden frame. According to Jenette, he looks older for this age because of the way he dresses up.


Kevin is qute a busy worker. He spends most of the day outside in the office, but tries to return home as soon as possible everyday. Because he cannot give much time to himself and relax, he looks quite old for his age. People say that he is changing to a robot, but Kevin was not like that before. As a college student, he was quite fun-loving and cheerful like any other youngster. He was skilled is sports and could play guitar very nicely. Before getting married, he was in a relationship with Jenette for four years. They have two kids and both are pre-schoolers. (The kids did not appear in any of Papa's Restaurant)


  • "You never draw my painting... am I that ugly?!"
  • "I wanna get back to the past..."
  • "Wait... it already has been over 10 yeard we're married?! How?!"

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