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Kiriko Saito




Demon/Wildclaw hybrid



Balancer Alignment


 Kiriko Saito is a Wildclaw/demon hybrid and former resident of Heartsorrow, having been brought to Windsong after a recent revival. Unlike her sibling, Kuroe, she is consistently calm, collected, and remarkably snarky, being the level-headed one of the two. She has suppressed her demonic side and it only comes out when she is sufficiently enraged or hurt.


Originally abandoned by her parents along with Kuroe, she was eventually adopted by Aya, living most of her life in Heartsorrow. After Aya's death, Kiriko and Kuroe left Heartsorrow to find a new home, but returned after Julia came to power. Kiriko became a well-known resident and powerful fighter like Kuroe did, but she realized that Julia's influence might be harmful to her when she saw her sister slowly begin to degenerate into a demon. So, she ran from Heartsorrow, vowing to never return- becoming a rogue in the process.

Shortly after fleeing Heartsorrow, she was killed by creatures in the dark forest, a fate that Kuroe fell to shortly afterward- though she survived much longer than her sister thanks to her stealth tactics. Many years later, she was reborn in Windsong, noticeably different from what she once was- instead of a human, she was now a Wildclaw dragon, born with a mix of Wildclaw and demon blood. Kuroe was born from the same mother a few years later, with a Nocturne father. Neither one ever met their fathers, and after their mother was killed by the Heroes when she began to wreak havoc, growing unstable with age, the memory of her existence was forcefully wiped from their minds.

She now lives in Windsong, still a rogue as she was before, but despite not explicitly siding with anyone, she is a powerful force in the protection of the island.


  • "You're in my territory. Leave or I'll make you leave."
  • "Kuroe, please, for the love of god, do NOT do that."
  • "O-oh no...My demon half...p-please, run while you still can...!"


  • Originally belonged to Ririko, then to Rasdberry, but was then adopted by Peridot upon request.


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