The Komeji Sisters are Satori Komeji and Koishi Komeji. Satori can read other people's minds while Koishi can manipulate the subconscious!

Satori Komeji

Satori Komeji is Koishi's older sister, and she can read minds. She has short orders, possibly the shortest ones in the games. She is sad a lot. Her pets are Utsuho Reiuji and Rin Kaenbyou  


  • Burgeria: Bun, Onion, Medium Cooked Patty, Bun.
  • Taco Mia!: Soft, Pork, Jalapeños, Lettuce.
  • Freezeria: S Cup, Rainbow Sherbet, Strawberries, Chunky, Cream, Blueberry Syrup.
  • Pancakeria (Long Order) x3 Pecan French Toast with Cinnamon on every one of them, and Blueberry Syrup on top. S Tea w/ Ice.
  • Wingeria: 5 Wild Onion Strips, 5 Celeries, 5 Carrots, Ranch Dip x4
  • Hotdoggeria (Long) Hoagie Roll, Hot dog, Chili, Ketchup, Cheese, Ballpark Mustard. M Lemon Mist and M Kettle Corn.


  • There was a glitch where you could put all the Cinnamon on top on her order in Pancakeria.

Koishi Komeji

Koishi is also a Komeiji. Since she sealed away her 3rd eye, she got the ability to manipulate subconscious. She is crazy.


Burgeria: Bun, Well done patty, cheese, bun

Taco MIa: Pita Bread, Pork, nacho cheese, jalapenos, hot sauce, peppers

Freezeria: Small Cup, Marshmallows, Rainbow Sherbet, Smooth, Whipped cream, sprinkles

Pancakeria: 1 bacon waffle, syrup, Small Milk with cocoa

Wingeria: 5 spicy garlic strips, 4 carrots

Hot Doggeria: Pretzel Bun, Kielbasa, pickle

Cupcakeria: 4th wrapper, Confetti Cake, Violet frosting on both, sprinkles on both

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