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Kuroe Saito
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Kuroe Saito is a Nocturne/demon hybrid and former resident of Heartsorrow, having been brought to Windsong after a recent revival. She is quite serious and hard-working while on duty as a guard, but off-duty she is much more playful. Being partially demon, she is somewhat unstable and very flirty.

Kuroe's title, Crimson Ender, came about after she stopped a large group of criminals from terrorizing the city in one fell swoop. She has retained this title after her revival.


Her old look was fairly normal in Heartsorrow- she wore a fairly revealing semi-transparent top over a black one, with a black and red collar extending over her shoulders and coming together in a piece of red jewelry. In the center of her top was a black-and-red cobra, presumably to make her look more intimidating- or maybe just because she thought it looked nice. Alongside this she wore black pants, with a black-and-red belt.

Her new look is distinctly different- though still marginally similar. She now wears a short red-and-black dress, complete with corset and a distinct ripple pattern, over dark red striped leggings, and a similar collar to her old one. She wears fairly long gloves, striped dark red like her leggings, and black heels with a dark red stripe. Her Nocturne horns carry over into her human form, though nothing else does.


Originally abandoned by her parents along with Kiriko, she was eventually adopted by Aya, living most of her life in Heartsorrow. After Aya's death, Kiriko and Kuroe left Heartsorrow to find a new home, but returned after Julia came to power. She became a well-known resident and strong fighter, but Julia's ways had an unfortunate effect on her. Her first life's second half followed her in a demonic state.

When Heartsorrow society was damaged, Kuroe left, before being killed by creatures within the dark forest. Many years later, she was reborn in Windsong, having a similar appearance and remaining recognizable, but noticeably different in heritage- she was now a Nocturne dragon, born with a mixture of Nocturne and demon blood. Her human form remains marginally similar to her old appearance, albeit noticeably different as well. She now lives in Windsong, recruited as one of Faroku's guards and helping to protect the island from danger...despite her demon blood giving her...let's call them unpleasant thoughts at times.


  • Kuroe originally belonged to Ririko, but was given to Eightball upon request.
  • She is aware of Imbu's interest in her, but doesn't really think he's her type.


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