Lenora is the CCTV watcher of National Tastyville Agents. She debuts in Burgeria. Her orders are short and easy. Her favourite holiday is Thanksgiving. (Both Games)


In Burgeria and the Burgeria apps, her order only consists of Cheese, Tomato and BBQ Sauce.

In Taco Mia, her Soft-Steak Taco contains Peppers, Mild Sauce and Tomatoes.

In Freezeria and Freezeria HD, her Large Chocolate-Cookie Dough Sundae has Whipped Cream, Blueberry Syrup, Nuts and 3 Cherries on the top.

In Pancakeria, her Bacon Waffle has Blackberries, Blueberries and 5 Strawberries on it. She also orders Cranberry Juice.

In Wingeria, she has 5 Buffalo Strips with 5 Cheese Cubes and 1 Blue Cheese Dips.

In Hot Doggeria, she has an It. Sausage in a Hoagie Roll, topped with just Ketchup, Cheese and Onions. She also has a Small Cinnamon Swirl Popcorn with a Small Diet Fizzo.

In Cupcakeria, TBD.

In Pastaria, TBD.

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