Levi Linnor
Levi flipdeck

First Appearance :

Papa's Wingeria

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Age :


Occupation :

Music Editor

Attitude as Customer :



Alpine Ridge

Levi was once a regular high schooler in Oniontown High. But after the incident of his family, he felt lonely and decided to never go out again. When he won a show in TV with a grand prize to visit Starlight City , he decided to take it and became a chef at Papa's Wingeria . When he retired, he became just a regular citizen of Starlight City .

Flipdeck Info

Levi is an unusual man who resides in the wilderness of Alpine Ridge. While still being able to get food from Papa's many restaurants, no one knows why he chooses to be alone, but maybe it was because the disappearance of his family.


Levi is a male customer with bright straight dark brown hair. He wears a black jacket with a hoodie, and a black t-shirt. He also wears a belt , a warm, blue scarf, blue and black headphones, and black shoes with blue laces.


Papa's Wingeria :

  • 4 Wild Onion Wings
  • 4 Spicy Garlic Boneless Wings
  • 2 Parmesan Strips
  • 3 Cheese Cubes(right)
  • 3 Fries(left)
  • Blue Cheese Dip

Papa's Hotdoggeria :

  • Hot Dog in A Chicago Bun
  • Cheese
  • Wild Onion Sauce
  • Onions
  • Wild Onion Sauce
  • Bacon
  • Drink:
    • Medium Purple Burple
    • Medium Chocolate Corn

Papa's Cupcakeria :


Levi's current appearance

  • Liner C
  • Blueberry Cake
  • Mocha Frosting
  • Cupcake 1:
    • Purple Burple Drizzle (Chocolate Drizzle in other holidays)
    • Sourballs (Nothing in other holidays)
    • Frosted Onion (Nutty Butter Cup, MarshMallow, Nutty butter Cup in other holidays)
  • Cupcake 2:
    • Sourballs (Chocolate Chips in other holidays)
    • Gummy Onion (nothing in other holiday)
    • Sarge Gobstopper (Nutty butter cup in other holidays)
    • Gummy Onion (nothing in other holiday)

Papa's Pastaria :

  • Shells (Fettuccine in other holidays)
  • Garlic Basil Sauce
  • Lemon Herb (nothing in other holidays)
  • Grated Mozarella
  • 4 Onion
  • 4 Chicken
  • 1 Meatball
  • Cheesy Bread

Papa's Freezeria To Go :

  • Medium Cup
  • Nutty Butter Cups
  • Purple Burple Syrup
  • Lemon Chiffon
  • Mint Shavings
  • Gummy Onion
  • Mint Square
  • Gummy Onion

Papa's Donuteria :

  • Donut 1 :
    • Blueberry Dough
    • Ring Cutter
    • Maui Meringue (Chocolate Mousse in other holidays)
    • Yellow Icing (Clear in other holidays)
    • Dreamsicle
  • Donut 2 :
    • Regular Dough
    • Seashell Cutter (Round in other holidays)
    • Lemon Chiffon
    • Sky Blue Icing
    • Tropical Charms (Chocolate Chips on other holidays)
  • Donut 3 :
    • Blueberry Dough
    • Seashell Cutter (Round in other holidays)
    • Chocolate Mousse
    • Yellow Icing (Clear in other holidays)
    • Mango Drizzle (Blue Moon in other holidays)
    • Crushed Peanuts


  • He is Gremmie 's distant cousin.
  • He gets a hair cut in Papa's Pastaria from Starlight Jubilee till Halloween.
  • His glasses were red in Papa's Pancakeria to Hotdoggeria, but changed to black in Papa's Cupcakeria and so on.
  • His full name is actually Owen Levi Linnor, but to prevent confusion with another F.C named Owen, people call him Levi.
  • Azure has got a secret crush at him.

Ranks Needed to Unlock

  • Papa's Pancakeria : Rank 16
  • Papa's Wingeria : Rank 21
  • Papa's Hotdoggeria : Rank 37
  • Papa's Cupcakeria : Rank 60
  • Papa's Pastaria : Rank 40
  • Papa's Freezeria To Go : Rank 51
  • Papa's Donuteria : Rank 42


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