Lillian is actually not human and she can only be around during winter


Hometown: Frostfield

Occupation: Winter event jobs

Likes: Any winter seasonal ingredient

Hates: Summer

Bio: Lillian is not your average customer, she is a special human who can only be around during winter. This started from her being abandoned in the cold, when she was older, she found the town of Frost field. not very sooner, she found out that the weather of winter was the only time she can be around.

Cupcakeria:(Valentines Day)

Liner C, Strawberry Cake, Chocolate Frosting, Chocolate Chips, 3 NBCs(Dipped Strawberries)

Cupcake 2: Pink Frosting, Strawberry Drizzle(Watermelon), Sprinkles, Cloudberry(Frosted Rose)

Pastaria:(New Year)

Al Dente Ravioli(Rainbow Gramina) Alfredo, Mozzerella, Italian Seasoning, 9 shrimp(Cheese Cubes) Bread: Poppyseed Roll

Donuteria(New Year):

D1 and D2: Chocolate Roll, Whipped Cream(Tutti Frutti), Clear Glaze(Midnight Powder), Sugarplum topping.

D3: Pumpkin Round, Vanilla Icing, Creamo Bits, Chocolate Topping(Creamo Drizzle)

Cheeseria:(Christmas) Flatbread, Harvati Cheese(Ginger Spice), Olives, Jalepenos, BBQ,(Cranberry Chutney), Lettuce, Light Cook. Fries: Waffle Fries with Awesomesauce

Cupcakeria To Go: Same as Cupcakeria, but she orders Raspberry White Chocolate Cake when it is Valentine's Day.


The only apps she appears in is Cupcakeria to go/HD, because it has holidays


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