Lorelei Von Brandt
Lorelei 2ndGen1
Third concept.

First known concept for the Second Generation.

  • Soccer Legend (1954 (First Gen), Unknown (Second Gen))
  • The Hero (1959, First Gen)
  • Forbidden Devil (1969, First Gen)
  • Devil Princess (1989-Present, First Gen)
  • Co-Owner of the B&S Inn (Second Gen)

Type of Customer

  • Closer (First Gen)
  • Semi-Closer (Second Gen)


November 1, 1941 (First Gen)

Lorelei Von Brandt, was one of Erikah's FCs.

Former Introduction

Lorelei Asmodeu'sin-Cortonith, mostly known as Layla, is the hero back from the 20th century, but in present time, she was the Devil Princess. She was presumely killed by Nara at Princess Girl Tournament, but however reborn due to the effects of the unknown artifact.

She is formerly the Soccer Legend, but was retired due to the clash of the first batch of the villainous group called The Gators.

Current Biography

Her surname though, is given by, and the one who gave a surname to her formerly evil twin, Lorelei Von Brandt is a co-owner of the B&S somewhere at the Tripea Bay along with Suzanna Schnee, her twin. Because of the artificial disaster at the Cortonith Island, they are in state of cryogenic for unknown matter of days. Learned her skills by herself, but she killed her parents unintentionally at the young age, and at the cost of her right hand being burned to crisp (but still working as fine). Imprisoned until 2013, Lorelei managed to escape the prison but at the cost of being the most wanted by the police, as her motive is to get into touch to her only sibling and beg for forgiveness. To test her forgetfulness of the past and her start of forgivingness, she made a new business with Suzanna Schnee somewhere at Tripea Bay of the Cortonith Island, the B&S, to prove to the police that she has changed from a most wanted criminal into a redeemed person.

Former Biography

She is a closer due to her thuggy attitude.

Former History

Flipline Forumer named PeppermintLeaf has thought of the name suggestion named "Layla". Because of it, Ririko used "Layla" as the new FC. But when she mistook Christine's surname as "Asmodeu'sin", and some of the Flipline Fourmers that Asmodeus is a demon, I just placed the mistooken surname to Layla's.

Ririko decided to add her full name as "Lorelei Asmodeu'sin", because her parents mistook naming her.



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