I shall hunt you down with my neverending moon magic!
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Full Name

Lucas Mintuz

Age (in FC)


Real Life Age





Filipino (has some mix on Spanish blood)

Status as Customer


Lucas Mintuz is a young boy living in the Snowlands. He takes part normally in building the city, and is only a normal resident. He currently finished his courses at Mint Barvard University and aims to become a top programmer and animator. As for now, he still has to do some supplementary learning. 

He is usually carefree, and likes to join some risky adventures with his friends. Usually, he changes his mood at an incredible speed, that makes him different from the other people around him. He like mint and lemons, as well as chocolate.


Lucas' main appearance takes the form of an orange long-sleeve shirt, with a yellow lemon printed over the chest area. He wears dark blue jeans, and cyan gloves. His shoes take the form of an orange-body form, with cyan laces. He also wears a top hat, and a cyan scarf.


Lucas is your everyday normal student lurking around. [this means this section is in the works]


  • "Hey, nice to meet you. I am Lucas Mintuz, also known as... wait, what am I doing in a place like this?"
  • "You have to speed up or else I'll kill your frickin' scribs."
  • "Heehee, you got me. Yes, I like Japanese stuff. *laugh*"
  • "No, please don't. I become real sad if you take those off..."


  • PsychicEspeon's customer version. Apparently, his hair was a li'l different in person.
  • He hates to explain how people wear clothes and stuff, that's why his descriptions on his FCs looks look funny.
  • Doesn't like waiting.
  • Doesn't like doing things that don't satisfy and interest him.


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