I shall hunt you down with my neverending moon magic!
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Luna Cycluz is one of the major governors in Magirus, as well as the current balancer of the sun and all of its relations. However, with the coming of Safira Terrice, current major balancer of light and dark, her control over the sun had since decreased, and was degraded to a Solar Nymph later.


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Luna was born long ago in the hands of Kallus Cycluz, her predecessor in the balancer status and also her father. Her name was ironically an opposite of what she controls, but even so, she manipulated the sun's energy, even besting her older sister in the progress. But since Kallus weakened, he transferred all his powers to Luna and his title to ensure control over the different suns in Magirus.

That didn't last long. After quite a time, the balancer status of the sun was removed, as well as the balancer status of the shadows and the night. Ever since then, Luna became the last person to ever hold the title.


  • "Please make yourself feel at home."
  • "I am Luna, major balancer of the sun and its affiliates, and I protest that my position shouldn't be vanquished and replaced with something more useless."
  • "Back off. I'm not dealing with fights anymore."



  • She was formerly named Lmira Skyla when she was owned by Ririko. Was then majorly changed after being adopted.
  • Luna was the final balancer of the Sun. Her predecessor is Kallus.
  • Since her status was stripped from her by the balancers of light and dark, she grew really angry at their kind.
  • Her older sister was Diandra, also known as Diane. Unlike her, Diane is calmer and has a much more focused attitude.

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