Mrs. Cherry is the wife of Mr. Pepper. She has a son (excluding Harry). She owns Pepperidge Farm, where they get their products. She also owns Dr. Cherry Corp, the allied company of Dr. Pepper Corp. Her real name is Mrs. Cherry Pepper. She was embarrased by Mitori by making her fart. She is also a rival of Mitori.



  • 6 pepperonis on left side
  • 6 peppers on right side
  • cooked for 30 mins.
  • cut into fourths


  • tomato
  • medium patty
  • pickle
  • rare patty
  • ketchup
  • well done patty

HD and To Go!:

  • tomato
  • pepperjack cheese
  • bacon
  • medium patty
  • pickle
  • awesome sauce
  • mayo
  • rare patty
  • ketchup
  • onion
  • onion ring
  • well done patty


  • pork in hard shell
  • peppers
  • peppers
  • jalapenos
  • jalapenos
  • hot sauce
  • mild sauce


  • small cup
  • strawberry mixable
  • strawberry syrup
  • chunky blend
  • whipped cream
  • blueberries
  • strawberry sauce
  • blueberry sauce
  • 3 cherries



  • 3 waffles
  • whipped cream
  • 4 strawberries
  • blueberry sauce
  • raspberries
  • blueberries


  • large cranberry juice
  • ice


  • 4 atomic boneless wings (left)
  • 4 atomic strips (right)
  • 8 red peppers (all around)
  • 8 green peppers (all around)
  • kung pao dip
  • chili mango dip



  • kielbasa in a pumpernickel roll
  • fajita peppers
  • fajita peppers
  • chili
  • hot sauce
  • 3 sport peppers


  • large Dr. Cherry
  • large Red Hot popcorn



  • strawberrry cake in liner D

Cupcake 1 and 2:

  • pink frosting
  • strawberry drizzle
  • 3 cherries

Ranks to unlock

Pizzeria-Cupcakeria: Before Harry (Challenging)


  • There is a glitch on the Pepper Family. (Mr.and Mrs. Pepper, Harry and Perry,)  All of their waiting scores are glitched.
  • They are also VERY hard to please.
  • Only the members of The Pepper Family could save her on PLSP:TVofFC!.

Family Glitch

The glitch is, she give two stars for an excellent order and one star for a poor order. Also, when someone makes a poor job, the Star Meter doesnt drop to zero.

Fav. Holiday (Cupcakeria)

Her favorite holiday is Valentines Day.


How to unlock:

Only the members of The Pepper Family could save her. She is on Bacon Village 1.


See Mr. Pepper.


She has a Burning and Gliding skill.

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