Natalia Monolith
Natalia 3
Second concept.


Retired Electric Guitar Player of Scarlett and the Shakers

Type of Customer


Natalia Monolith is one of the two Twin Heartbreakers (along with Reika) and a best friend of Julia. When Julia is cursed their friendship won't ever broken. She currently lives in Heartsorrow with Julia, and Julia, is her former classmate since Elementary. Their friendship started when they've faced each other, although.


Natalia's birthday is exactly the same as Alice and Julia's. Her first appearance is on Papa's Pizzeria. She is only absent in the rest of the gamerias because of being busy. She likes wine, being seductive, calm and soft, she also likes people who were honest and she hates greedy people. The only difference to her other twin is their occupations. Although, their interests are exactly the same.

Natalia: Normal

Natalia is one of the two dangerous girls to meet for. Natalia actually broke 12 boyfriend relationships (with the help of Reika) with Natalia because they doing it wrong on how to handle her. Natalia actually do what it takes to broke relationships to her without getting caught by people. Then it titled her "The Second Twin Heartbreaker". Because Alice and Natalia are identical twins, they have a permanent demonic eye. And being seductive. Natalia won't do her tactics to her siblings, and Julia's slave, although.

Natalia: Heartache

Her final form yet.

She is identified with pink aura, with pink-glow demonic eyes and bat wings with one finger. And she is always at confident and happy mood at that time. Because of her mood, enemies would get a heartache while fighting.


Natalia's favorite juice is raspberry juice or blackberry juice, but her favorite drink is, dark wine. Although, as the Heartbreaker, her favorite is blood.



  • Her birthday is exactly the same as her other twin and Julia.
  • She is the only Demons of Despair member that was only appear as Normal Customer.
  • She was put in The Game Master as the prize, but later the topic got locked and it wouldn't be continued. Later, Mirajane put her on a raffle and Azuki won her.

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