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Nitori Kawashiro is a kappa who can control water. She lived in Tastyville, but moved to Portallini to live near the water. She is an engineer and manufactures stuff in Tastyville, from lights to cameras to phones. She also does many experiments and builds many things to try to improve life for people in the Flipverse. She likes cucumbers.


Burgeria: Bun, Onion, Pickle, Pickle, Well-Done Patty, Pickle, Bun

Taco Mia: Soft Taco: Steak, tomatoes, sour cream, cheese, peppers

Freezeria: Medium Cup, Blueberries, Chocolate Syrup, Chunky Blend,
MoF Stage 3 Boss - Nitori Kawashiro's Theme - The Kappa of Akutagawa Ryuunosuke ~ Candid Friend-004:46

MoF Stage 3 Boss - Nitori Kawashiro's Theme - The Kappa of Akutagawa Ryuunosuke ~ Candid Friend-0

Whipped Cream, Tropical Charms, chocholate chips, nuts

Pancakeria: 2 bacon pancakes, 3 butter pads, blueberries, french toast, Large OJ with Ice

Wingeria: 4 wild onion shrimps, 4 green peppers, ranch dip

Hot Doggeria: Chicago Bun, Veggie Dog, ketchup, chili, 2 pickles Small Tangerine Pop, Small Kettle Corn

Cupcakeria: 4th wrapper, Strawberry Cake, Forest Green Frosting, sprinkles

Pastaria: Spaghetti, Marinara Sauce (Chili during chilifest), crushida pepper, mozzarella

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