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Nyx Centauri
Flipline!Nyx because I can't be tamed






Nonon Jakuzure [Kill la Kill]

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Nyx Centauri is a young-adult girl, having moved to Calypso Island along with Nala from the faraway (and much more dangerous) Divine Archipelago. She is energetic and friendly, as well as being very curious about anything she hasn't fiddled with before. This often gets her into very dangerous trouble. She and Nala are capable of regenerating, thanks to the red jewels they carry with them. They need these, as they are extremely unlucky.


Nyx has red hair, and wears it in a ponytail, held by glowing blue rings. Her outfit is generally futuristically-themed; her dress is designed to look like a robotic suit of sorts. Alongside this she wears black shoes with blue patterns on them.

She also has freckles.


Nyx is the definition of "unlucky". Her and Nala are known for getting into highly dangerous situations without really trying, but somehow, they always come back from them, even if it normally would have killed them! They used to live on a much more dangerous island than where they live now, where piranhas, acid-spitting venus flytraps, and a magically-imbued Sun Stone were constant threats. Eventually they moved away, to the much safer Calypso Island- where the two tight friends still manage to get themselves hurt. Lady Luck's never on their side, is she?


  • "Aw, come on Nala, quit being such a grump."
  • "It's a statue. What could go wrong?"
  • "Nala help I regret everything."


  • Both Nyx and Nala are based on Eightball's two favorite pygmies from her Pocket God game.
  • Nyx is afraid of the dark.
  • Her last name is drawn from Alpha Centauri, the closest star to our solar system; chosen due to her space theme.


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